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We are a venture studio that builds, invests and helps awesome and disruptive companies that want to make a difference.

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People who love their job is our secret weapon. Together, we create a bullshit-free zone where people feel comfortable in their own shoes.

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Bounds and relationships make the world move faster, and that’s why we want to create the most memorable experiences. So we decided to gather a group of people who want to play their part and, united, we are developing new businesses that will improve someone’s life.


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Angry Brain



Angry Ventures is all about sharing knowledge and experiences. That is why we decided to create an area where everyone can find relevant information and other stuff we have been thinking.
That area is Angry Brain, a synaptic platform that works pretty much like an online shared folder.

You can access it anytime, keep up with the updates and subscribe to our drip marketing sequences.
We didn’t want to create a static page. Instead, we want our Angry Brain to expand and become more intelligent with each interaction. You know, like a real life brain!
Get inside and be ready for some synapses!

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