The importance of having a great team

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hello there. I would like to start by giving you a bit of background about me. My name’s Rui and I joined Angry Ventures’ team a bit over a month ago. For the last eight years, I’ve been freelancing and building my own projects. I used to work mainly alone and with that came the need to learn a bit about everything and a lot of stress too. When you don’t have anyone to resort to or a team, times flies and deadlines seem more and more oppressive. Ultimately, there is no knowledge in the world that can save you from feeling overwhelmed by it all, especially if you have to switch from design to development to marketing to business development at a moment’s notice. Last year, I had the luck to enter an entrepreneurship program. The project enabled me to join forces with two people (a videographer and a marketeer) to try and develop a new app. Long story short, the app was shelved, but the feeling of wanting to join a bigger team remained. I was honestly tired of trying to be a one-man army and I wanted to see how much further I could push my skills … Continue reading The importance of having a great team