Learn to learn (and to unlearn too)

Reading Time: 4 minutes Today, some people suffer from “Specialist Syndrome” and the first symptoms can be easily perceived through their profiles on social networks and by observing the growing offer of online courses, from the most diverse areas, on platforms such as Hotmart, for example. Such individuals put themselves in the position of “experts” as Fernando Moreira, founder of Angry Ventures, portrayed in this blog post. They forget to learn, unlearn and relearn. What many do not grasp is that the market is changing. Increasingly, organizations, in general, are seeking adaptable professionals – that is – people who understand everything a little and who, in a way, know how to deal with changes that the quick-fire world in which we live demands presently. Over and over again there is talk of soft skills, also known as personal skills, which are nothing more than the behavioral and subjective skills that each person develops throughout life. Some of them are related to the ability to work collaboratively, demonstrate flexibility in the work environment, have effective communication, exercising leadership, and learn/unlearn. Right now, I will go deeper into the preceding example mentioned: the learning/unlearning process. Learning to learn … and why not unlearn too? When observing … Continue reading Learn to learn (and to unlearn too)