Hey! Can I give you some feedback?

Reading Time: 3 minutes There are many things that we do not learn in school and that people can hardly teach us. One of those things is how to give and receive feedback. Is there a formula? Is there a method? Well, in fact, there are many and we can’t say they do not work. At least, in theory. Over time, I’ve realized that most human beings do not have the natural capability of giving feedback without hurting or insulting the listener’s feelings or thoughts. Putting myself on an arrogant position, I can say that most of the times, the feedback I receive is very poor – not that I’m an expert or a master on topic. In fact, I’m not even saying that I am the best receiver. What I say though, is that people so much uncomfortable with giving and receiving that most of the times what they say isn’t more effective than an everyday comment. And why does that happen? Why are people so afraid of feedback? In my opinion it  is due to the fact that tends to label feedback in two major categories: good and bad. If the feedback is positive, well everyone’s is happy and we are cool with … Continue reading Hey! Can I give you some feedback?