(Transition) Design in times of change

Reading Time: 4 minutes Change… What happens when change occurs? We get asked to adapt and adjust our ways of doing things in order to accommodate the change. This diminishes the amount of struggle we go through and pushes us to innovate. Especially in Transtion Design. A major threat to innovation is to oversimplify design and its role in society. Margolin once said that “Somewhere along the line [design] became marginalized as an artistic or aesthetic practice only, which obscured our awareness of all the designing that was going on.” Be wary of people who marginalize design in such ways because everything you see, cities, medicine, chairs, or your smartphone were all designed by someone.  Desing it is not just about making things look interesting; it is about usability and function, about solving real-life problems. Things are designed for a specific purpose. Design is central to the creation of objects, environments, and experiences that, in turn, create culture. These creations also mirror and shape their time in history. Just think about it: the first iPhone came out in 2007, which created a major shift in the tech industry. Smartphones arrived in the market and became incredibly popular, just like that. And now, only 15 … Continue reading (Transition) Design in times of change